Facilities Use Agreements

Facilities Use Agreement Form (Download Word Document)

Procedures Governing Use of University Facilities by Others

  1. The University of Oklahoma, as a constitutional agency of the State of Oklahoma, may make its facilities accessible for use for public events that are not sponsored by the University, but which further the University's purpose or mission. However, the University has an obligation first to its students, faculty and staff to accomplish its mission of higher education and second to the taxpayers of the State of Oklahoma to protect against property and casualty losses. Because the use of University facilities by others may impinge upon these obligations, these procedures are established in an effort to facilitate appropriate use and to minimize possible losses.These procedures are established as a minimum standard for the use of University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) facilities by others for any non-University sponsored activities. Each facility may establish additional procedures as needed, but no facility may negate the following procedures.University Purposes. Student clubs and organizations that are officially recognized by the OUHSC Student Affairs Office are considered a part of the OUHSC for the use of OUHSC facilities; however, these recognized student clubs and organizations may not necessarily be provided liability protection by the State of Oklahoma for the event itself.Non-University Purposes. Non-University sponsored activities are those organized and conducted by non-recognized student groups, community groups, local or national organizations, members of the public, and members of the OU community for non-University purposes.
  2. Responsibilities

    Granting permission to use OUHSC facilities (including buildings, grounds, real and personal property) is the responsibility of the duly authorized representative (hereinafter referred to as facility coordinator) of the governing academic, administrative, or auxiliary operating unit in whose control the facility is placed.

    OUHSC will neither grant nor deny permission to use its facilities for any reason that is in violation of constitutional standards or discriminates on the basis of race, color, ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, disability, age, political belief, status as a veteran, or other impermissible basis.

    The facility coordinator is responsible for ensuring compliance with these procedures and for obtaining a signed Agreement for Use of Facilities whenever OUHSC's facilities are used by others.

    Note: (A Facilities Use by Others Checklist may be obtained by clicking Facilities Agreement. Facility coordinators may use the checklist to ensure that all the issues have been addressed prior to the user signing the agreement.)
  3. Eligibility

    Permission for use of OUHSC facilities by others may be extended when:
    1. The use of the facility does not conflict or interfere with OU programs or functions previously scheduled. 
    2. The use is appropriate to the nature and purposes of the facility and the University.
    3. The use does not violate any applicable federal, state, or local law or OU regulation or policy.
    4. The use will not place the facilities in unfair competition with private facilities or services elsewhere in the community.
    5. The use does not place facilities, property, participants, equipment, or spectators above an acceptable level of risk of harm or disturbance, damage, or injury, as evaluated by the facility coordinator, the Chief of OUHSC Police, and the Health Sciences Center's Risk Management Office. OUHSC Police is authorized to immediately cancel any campus event if, in its judgment, an unacceptable level or risk of harm or disturbance, damage, or injury to any facilities, property, participants, or spectators has been reached, at which point fees and/or deposits are forfeited.
    6. 6. The user pays all applicable fees.
  4. Facilities Use Fees

    OUHSC may charge user fees. It is the responsibility of the facility coordinator to ensure compliance with this requirement.

    Note: While the facility may not necessarily charge a use fee, the facility coordinator must ensure that any additional costs arising from the event (including utilities and clean-up, service department support, equipment or technical support) are paid by the user. The user will be billed for all charges arising from the use of the facility.

    A deposit may be required at the discretion of the facility coordinator. The deposit will be applied to any rental fees and/or toward any damages or assessments that may apply.

    A due date for payment of all fees will be established and included on the Agreement for Use of Facilities. Past due fees will be reported to Financial Services for collection proceedings if such fees have not been paid within 45 days following invoicing.

    Remit Facilities Use Fees to Financial Services, Service Center Building, Room 223.
  5. Scheduling

    Scheduling for use of OUHSC facilities will be done by the facility coordinator. The Agreement for Use of Facilities will serve to confirm reservation of the facility, to outline all fees, and to constitute an agreement by the user to comply with the terms and conditions of these procedures and of those set forth in the agreement.
  6. The facility coordinator is responsible for written notification to OUHSC Police. Information on all events scheduled in your facilities may be provided to the Office of Public Affairs (271-2323). During the planning stages, facility coordinators may also check with this office to ensure that there are no possible scheduling conflicts with other facilities or activities.
  7. Liability for User's Operations

    The user should consider the purchase of a Comprehensive General Liability Insurance policy to insure its operations for the event (see Indemnification and Hold Harmless Clause in the Agreement for Use of Facilities). The facility coordinator may, at his/her discretion, require proof of such insurance coverage from the user in advance of the event.

    It is recommended that the facility coordinator require proof of insurance for public events.

    If the facility coordinator requires such proof of insurance, then the user shall provide a $1,000,000 combined single limit (csl) Comprehensive General Liability Insurance Policy and name the Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma as an additional insured on the policy. A Certificate of Insurance as proof of insurance should be sent to the facility manager, who will attach it to the signed agreement.
  8. Use of Multiple Facilities or University Services

    It is possible that a user will need multiple facilities for a large event. In such an instance, facility coordinators for the various venues should coordinate with each other, and with the service departments, to ensure that all procedures are followed and all contingencies are covered. In this manner, the OUHSC is assured that proper control is in place and that no service providers will be left unpaid following the event.
  9. OUHSC Police/Security Support

    The need for police/security support in conjunction with any use of OUHSC facilities shall be determined by the facility coordinator and OUHSC Police. The use of security services from non-OUHSC sources shall be at the direction of OUHSC Police and at the expense of the user.
  10. Parking Support

    Parking support should be coordinated through OU Parking and Transit at parking@ouhsc.edu.
  11. Support Services

    On occasion, the use of facilities will require the services of the Department of Operations; i.e., events requiring utility hook-ups, custodial services, trash disposal, hauling services, landscape requirements, and/or other special requests. The facility coordinator will be responsible for coordinating these types of services with the Department of Operations.
  12. Equipment Support

    Permission for use of equipment owned by OUHSC at the facility site may be granted at the discretion of the facility coordinator. Permission for use of research equipment, and the applicable fee schedule, will be coordinated through the Director/Chair.
  13. Technical Support

    Use of OUHSC personnel as technical support will be coordinated by the facility coordinator. User shall reimburse OUHSC for any costs arising from the use of technical support.
  14. Event Times

    Normal schedule times will be 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. unless otherwise approved by the facility coordinator and OUHSC Police. OUHSC expressly reserves the right to require that any event end at an earlier time, given considerations of safety, crowd control, weather, noise, and potential disruption of favorable community relationships.
  15. Noise

    Levels of sound from amplification equipment shall not exceed noise levels specified by the City of Oklahoma City codes. Any use of sound amplification will be monitored by OUHSC Police. Responsible officials of OUHSC have the right to require that amplification systems be turned down, or off entirely, whenever it is determined that sound levels exceed specified levels, or whenever it is determined that the event is disturbing or disruptive to surrounding neighbors or to other activities that may be taking place elsewhere on campus.
  16. Food/Drink/Alcohol

    Distribution and consumption of food or drink is not allowed in auditoriums, classrooms, plazas, open areas, and other facilities without the express permission of the facility coordinator. Whenever permission is granted, the user shall obtain a temporary food permit as required by the State Health Department and the Oklahoma City codes.

    No alcoholic beverages of any type shall be possessed or consumed by individuals in any OUHSC facility, unless such has been approved by and coordinated with the Vice President for Administration and Finance and OUHSC Police. The serving of alcoholic beverages shall be done by a licensed caterer only, who shall be responsible for checking IDs, and the licensed caterer shall furnish proof of liability insurance for its operations to the facility coordinator at least 5 working days prior to the event. OUHSC may cancel the permission for serving alcohol if the proof of insurance is not received within the designated time.
  17. Fire Prevention and Safety

    Fire prevention and safety concerns are important issues that will be addressed by the facility coordinator during the use of facilities. The OUHSC Fire Marshal enforces regulations regarding the number of occupants at an event and the types of decorations allowed by OUHSC, and the Oklahoma Department of Labor enforces regulations regarding the use of hazardous materials (such as compressed gas cylinders). These rules and regulations shall be followed during the use of facilities. Information on these issues may be obtained from the OUHSC Fire Marshal at 271-5522 ext. 5 or the Environmental Health & Safety Office at 271-3000.
  18. Outdoor Properties

    Undeveloped outdoor properties have no rest room facilities, drinking fountains, lighting, or pay telephones. Users should plan for these contingencies when holding events outdoors. For information regarding the use of outdoor properties owned by OUHSC contact Administration and Finance at 271-2399.
  19. Solicitations

    Unsolicited sales door-to-door, office-to-office, or in open areas, by commercial groups or individuals for commercial or financial gain is not allowed. Permission for solicitation may be obtained from the facility coordinator.
  20. Promotions

    The Use of OUHSC's name, other than as a physical address, is prohibited in advertising, solicitation, or promotion of non-University activities. Promotional use of the OUHSC name and identifying marks must be approved by the Coordinator of Trademark Licensing at 325-8547.
  21. Site

    The user agrees to protect all property in the facility, to clean the facility within the designated time period and to the satisfaction of the facility coordinator, and to dispose of trash in the designated area following the event. The user also agrees to keep all individuals in the designated areas, to be agreed upon in advance with the facility coordinator. The user also must agree to comply with OUHSC's Tobacco-Free Policy.
  22. Inspection of Site

    An OUHSC employee may make an unannounced inspection of the facility during its use for purposes of monitoring compliance. Such inspection will be at the discretion of the facility manager and/or OUHSC Police.

    Clean-up of the site must be accomplished within the time period established by and to the satisfaction of the facility coordinator.

    OUHSC recommends that the user accompany the facility coordinator (or his/her representative) on an initial site inspection prior to the event, in order to establish the condition and cleanliness of the facility. Prior to securing the site following the event's termination, an OUHSC employee will be responsible for fully inspecting the facility to determine its cleanliness and/or any possible damage to the building or contents. This site inspection will include checking any unlocked rooms (such as rest rooms, offices, and closets) for evidence of fire, vandalism, or theft. OUHSC also recommends that the user accompany the OUHSC employee on the final site inspection.

    Note: The facility coordinator (or his/her representative) shall be responsible for the final site inspection. If the users and facility coordinator so agree, the final site inspection may be postponed to occur during regular business hours of the next workday following the event, which may or may not occur after clean-up operations. If the users agree to postpone the final site inspection, he/she then agrees that any evidence of damage to OUHSC property found at the time of inspection shall be repaired at the users' and/or their insurance carrier's expense.

    Any damages found will be reported immediately to OUHSC Police and OUHSC Risk Management, and costs arising from the repair of these damages will be reported to the user and/or their insurance carrier for loss payment purposes.

    Any custodial or hauling services that are required on the part of the Department of Operations to bring the site back to its original state of cleanliness and repair will be billed to the user.
  23. Use Agreement

    The use of facilities shall be allowed only after all terms and conditions in these procedures have been met; the user has obtained any and all applicable permits, certificates, and licenses; and the user has signed the Use Agreement. The signed Use Agreement will be kept on file in the facility coordinator's office for a period of three years following the event.

    For a copy of the (1) OUHSC Facilities Use for Non-University Sponsored Activities Facility Coordinator's Checklist, (2) Agreement for Use of Facilities for Non-University Sponsored Activities, or (3) Educational & Administrative Facilities Use Fees, click Facilities Agreement. There are certain requirements that must be a part of every written contract for the use of OUHSC facilities. Facility coordinators may use the form or request an agreement tailored to meet their specific needs from the Legal Counsel.

    The facility coordinator is responsible for sending OUHSC Police written notification of the event being scheduled. (A copy of the first page of the Use Agreement can be used for this written notification.)

    Any changes to the Form or these Procedures require approval by Legal Counsel.

    Forms must be signed by an authorized representative approved by the Board of Regents.
  24. Questions About the Procedures

    Questions about these procedures may be directed to the facility manager (Director of Administrative Support Services) at 271-2399.

    (Adopted 2-9-04; Amended 4-16-10; 10-20-10; 07-18-11)