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HSC Special Events

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Please note, if your event is aimed at Youth, please click the Youth Protection tab above and complete that event request form instead.

Please complete the report your event tab above. Once submitted someone from Enterprise Risk Management will review and follow up with you on next steps for your event. Please review the HSC Special Events Policy while your event is being reviewed.

Campus Events Checklists

HSC Food Truck Guidelines

Request for Alcohol at Campus Events

Facilities Use Agreement

Granting permission to use an OUHSC facility is the responsibility of the OUHSC employee charged with managing such requests for a particular facility or property location (hereinafter referred to as “Facility Coordinator” and/or “Building Coordinator”). It’s the Facility Coordinator's responsibility to include in the agreement any fees associated with use, coordination of any agreed upon requested support services, ensuring the Facilities Use Agreement is accurately executed by the requesting Third Party, and submission to Enterprise Risk Management for final review and approval. For additional details and requirements see Section 124 below.