Welcome to the Office of Enterprise Risk Management

Risk Management is the systematic process of managing an organization's risk exposures to achieve its objectives in a manner consistent with public interest, human safety, environmental factors, and the law. It consists of the planning, organizing, leading, coordinating, and controlling activities undertaken with the intent of providing an efficient pre-loss plan that minimizes the adverse impact of risk on the campus's physical and financial resources. The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Office of Enterprise Risk Management is an important part of Administration and Finance, serving the Oklahoma City and Tulsa Campuses. The Office of Risk Management is charged with developing, coordinating, and recommending risk management programs, policies, and procedures in loss prevention, property, and casualties to include on-campus accidents and injuries. The office is further responsible for the processing of claims and submission of all required reports. The office conducts business in accordance with the State of Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services Policies, as well as the Risk Management Division Rules and Regulations.

The Office of Risk Management works closely with Campus Police, Fire Marshal, Legal Counsel, Environmental Health and Safety offices, and others.

A member of URMIA (University Risk Management and Insurance Association)
NOTE:   For physician malpractice insurance information please contact OUP-OUM Risk Management Services at 405-271-1800 or email oupoumprofessionalliability@ouhsc.edu. Please direct physician claims history requests to oupoumclaimshistory@ouhsc.edu.

For claims history/verification for all other health providers, please contact our office at 271-3287.

Contact Information

Amanda Miller, J.D., CRM 
Associate Vice President for Administration &
Finance and Chief Risk Officer 
405.271.3287 Ext. 48461

Jennie Robison, CRM 
Risk Manager 
405.271.3287 Ext. 48011

Shannon McConnell
Risk Management Coordinator
405.271.3287 Ext. 34234

Missy Warma
Administrative Coordinator
405.271.3287 Ext. 48044

EJ Miller
IT Senior Analyst - Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
405.271.8001 Ext. 50217


865 Research Parkway, Suite 520 
Oklahoma City, OK 73104


Bob Farringer, Environmental Health and Safety Officer-Tulsa and Tulsa Risk Management Coordinator