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Youth Protection

Report Your Event

All Youth Protection events must be reported in advance and coordinated with Enterprise Risk Management.  Please click the button below to report your event.  A member of the Enterprise Risk Management team will contact you to ensure compliance with the Youth Protection Policy.

Report Your Event

Youth Protection (Virtual)

(Virtual remains an option for all campus programs)

The University recognizes that departments would like to have the option to offer their programs or activities aimed at youth in a virtual format.  Departments may continue to do so by following the Youth Protection Policy and utilizing the release forms below.

Form H - Virtual Programs for Youth Release

Form I - Third Party Virtual Release

Training for University Employees

Youth Protection training for OU employees may be found in the OnPoint library. (NOTE: We are in the process of getting the training updated, so it is currently still listed as Minors on Campus.)

For those employees who anticipate participating with youth on a regular basis, training should be added to the employee's ePAF so they can be reminded to take the training each year.

Training for University Students and Non-University Entities

Youth Protection Policy

The University of Oklahoma has numerous campus locations and a variety of events that attract minors, whether sponsored by the University or by third parties. This Policy is meant to serve as guidance for these valuable experiences. Please note, this Policy may not encompass every encounter with a minor and should be flexible depending on the circumstances and with the approval of either a supervisor in charge of the area or facility or by the Office of Legal Counsel.  Below are the Policy and forms for HSC.

For volunteers over 18 in lab settings, please refer to the GPiBS website here.


Forms can be returned via email to: