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Privately Owned Vehicles


When driving a privately owned vehicle for university business you are gambling with your personal property, all business conducted must be within the course and scope of the driver's employment and authority. It should be understood that no insurance coverage for physical damage to an employee's privately owned vehicle will be provided by the State of Oklahoma.

The State of Oklahoma will recognize liability on behalf of the university employee who commits negligence while acting within the scope of his/her employment or authority, while driving a privately owned or state owned vehicle.

Privately owned vehicles, used for university business, must be insured at the employee's expense, in accordance with Oklahoma Vehicle Liability Insurance Laws. Further, State law requires that a valid driver's license must be in the driver's possession any time a privately or state owned vehicle is driven by a university employee.

The driver should carry a copy of the "Verification Letter of Self-Insurance" and "In Case Of An Accident" forms inside their vehicle.

Personnel using privately owned vehicles to conduct university business should substantiate that they were in official travel status for liability purpose by either turning in mileage claims for reimbursement on a monthly basis or keeping a log of their business use and filing occasional claims for reimbursement. This will also allow the State Risk Management Office to assess premiums for insurance of state vehicles based on exposure rates. Please contact the University Travel Office, at Telephone 271-2038, for more information regarding mileage reimbursement.

NOTE: Copies of the "Verification Letter of Self-Insurance" and "In Case Of An Accident" Forms can be received from the Risk Management Office by calling 405-271-3287.

For more information feel free to contact:

Jennie Robison
Director of Risk Management