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Minors on Campus

Report Your Event

All Minors on Campus events must be reported to Enterprise Risk Management.  Please click the button below to report your event.  A member of the Enterprise Risk Management team will contact you to ensure compliance with all Minors on Campus guidelines.

Report Your Event

Minors on Campus (Virtual)

Protocols for HSC (Virtual remains an option for all campus programs)

Due to the unique nature of its programs, healthcare mission and patient populations, the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center has canceled all in person summer programs, activities, and events aimed at minors.  HSC campus safety measures for COVID-19 state children of students and employees are not allowed on campus.

In response to the COVID-19 restrictions, the Minors on Campus Committee has created the University Virtual Programs Aimed at Minors Protocols and Release forms that can be utilized for University sponsored programs for minors if employees wish to host activities in a virtual format.

University Virtual Programs for Minors Protocols

Form H - Virtual Programs for Minors Release

Form I - Third Party Virtual Release

Training for University Employees

Minors on Campus training for OU employees is online through the OnPoint system.  Training needs to be added to the employee's ePAF in order to be completed.

Training for University Students and Non-University Entities

Best Practices

The University of Oklahoma has numerous campus locations and a variety of events that attract minors, whether sponsored by the University or by third parties. These protocols are meant to serve as guidance for these valuable experiences. Please note, these protocols may not encompass each and every encounter with a minor and should be flexible depending on the circumstances and with the approval of either a supervisor in charge of the area or facility or by the Office of Legal Counsel.  Below are the protocols and forms for HSC.

Forms can be returned via email, fax or mail:


(405) 271-3208


Enterprise Risk Management
865 Research Parkway
Suite 520
Oklahoma City, OK 73104